Mr Rahul shakya  ADORE BROKING  services Aged over 20 Years, He holds Post Graduation Diploma Management in Finance. He is quite energetic & enthusiastic in financial market analysis. He has strong analytical skills to identify investment ideas. Prior to foundation of M/s ADORE BROKING PVT.LTD. SERVICES, he was involved in several teaching initiatives about financial market analysis and financial literacy. Most of his ideas are backed up with Strong Fundamental & Technical analysis, Annual Report reading, Industrial analysis & Macro economic factors. His interest is reading books relating to Stock Market and relating to Mind-set, Motivations. Adore broking Services will leverage his strong analytical skills and his vision of providing research services to the clients to enable them with Informative financial decisions, which is backed up by intensive and transparent research.


Kunj has 4+ years experiance in stock market .He has always worked on making complex financial concepts easy to understand and implement for retail investors. He is a firm believer that with the help of technical and financial analysis skills and patience, one can make wealth in the stock market.

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Market Research and Analysis:
  • we provide clients To market insights, research reports, and analysis.
  • We help clients make informed investment decisions by analyzing trends, company performance, and economic indicators.

Investment Advice: 
  • Adore  offer personalized investment advice based on individual risk tolerance, financial goals, and market conditions.
  • Adore recommend suitable investment options to clients. 
Client Relationships:
  • Building strong client relationships is crucial.
  • Adore maintain regular communication, address client queries, and provide updates on investments.
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